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From the writer's room:

'The first draft of anything is shit'
- Ernest Hemingway

The first draft of ALL THE REASONS I SAID YES got me coverage that said it was 'beautiful, powerful, relevant modern love story'. The second draft got me coverage that said it was in the vein of Silver Linings and 'hot' and talked about a potentially award winning part for the lead actor.

Both sets of notes asked me to develop character and rewrite the dialogue. I'm sitting down for the rewrite. I've spent 12 weeks being taught by incredible teachers on the craft of screenwriting. I know so much more than I knew before. I'm amazed at how little technique I had before this round of learning, and yet how generous the coverage and notes were even though I was so inept. 

Head down. Let's go. 

Note to readers: if you liked it before, you're going to love it now. It's about to get actually get good. Give me 4 weeks.


A year ago I was asked to co author a book on the human rights situation of India's various minorities.

Think women, children, Dalits and other disadvantaged castes under India's caste system, the LGBT community and the developmentally different.

I don't know about compassion fatigue, but I do know about emotional fatigue.

The material on this project is so difficult to deal with that it's really hard to stay with long enough or go into it deeply enough to tell the story.

But I'm here to tell the story.
It's a piece of work. 

The summer solstice was the first one I've spent out of Southern California for five years.

It also marked the 1st anniversary of 

So far the content has been written and graphic. We've storyboarded film for series of shorts and been scouting locations across Europe. Currently we think we'll start filming in September. Maybe in time for the Equinox as the axis turns towards winter in the Northern Hemisphere. In the meantime, happy summer.